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battletech. Our goal is to write stories that would not effect the timeline but explain some of the changes in battletech.

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Sunday, 5 June, 2016 19:48

New writers mission and MWO fun.

3046 News:
ComStar's Explorer Corps discovers a new massive shipyard complex over the Clan Snow Raven world of Valhalla. The amount of space traffic and energy signatures suggest that the Clan is using
Valhalla as an important staging area and that a new, possibly subterranean colony has been built on the planet surface.

Out of Character News:
The Liberation of Terra II has came out for battletech. Nice addition to the series.
What is a Transitional Cavalry Squadron?
A Transitional unit is based on the factor of 4 units. A squad has 4 units. A platoon has 4 units, and a company has 4 lances or platoons. A Squadron has 4 combat companies. The way it
works is each company has a speciality like armor, helicopter (vtol), battle armor, etc. The Squardon can transition where each company now has one of each other company, thus it
makes them a combine arms company within the squadron. The commander can use them from defense to offense abilites by changing them around or make special combo for missions.

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