Welcome to the Hardware department of the 7th Cavalry. Unlike other units where anything goes, the 7th Cavalry has laid out its ground work for what type of units are deployed and what type of equipment is used. The 7th Cavalry is per the days of Star League, believe in technology and tactics with such equipment. Should the chance rise where units can upgrade to Clan equipment that fits the units operations, then such measures are worked on.

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Inner Sphere
Highlander 732   (x1)
Wolfhound 3M   (x4)
Ostscout 9CS   (x1)
Awesome 9Q   (x1)
Galahad 2D   (x1)
O-Bakemono M10  (x1)

SuperNova Type 3   (x4)
Gallowglass WD  (x1)
Shadowhawk II  (x2)
Highlander IIC  (x1)
Glass Spider  (x1)

Bandit H-APC Hovercraft  (x4)
Maxium APC Hovercraft  (x2)
Regulator Mk I Hovercraft  (x4)
Musketeer Hovercraft  (x4)

Lexan Surveilliance Helo
Yellow Jacket (std)  (x3)
Kestrel VTOL (MedEvac) (x4)
Yellow Jacket Gunship (Arrow IV)  (x6)
Tonbo Superheavy Transport VTOL Std.  (x1)
Ferret Lt. Scout Std.  (x2)
Crow Scout Helicopter Crow  (x3)

Battle Armor:
Grenadier Assault BA (Standard-Hunter) (x2)
Grenadier Assault BA (Standard-Magshot) (x5)


Huscarl - OA (x2)
Oni On-1 (x2)

Field Designs
Current Design
Highlander II HG-732
Highlander II HG-733
Black Knight II BKN-7
Puma-005 Mk II (track)