So what about us

   Well lets start when this simm first open which was in May of 2001, we started off as a Email based simms group
with 7 members that where family and friends that played pen and paper version of Star trek. We grew our writing
skills and playing abilities and then join a Simm's fleet. Yes it was different from today's simms as we used RPG
books (which we still due for canon information). The name of the ship then was the USS Excalibur, NCC-72001
which stands for the 7th day of 2001. After many years we became part of SB Gamma which we played for a short
time before chaning to the "X". A Calibur class research and design ship as STO came out with a new Excalibur
class starship. The "X" has she been called many times before is a rare type of ship which didn't really fit the now
current time line. May of 2012 we joined Alpha Fleet, 11 years from the date we started simming.

   So we did some research and thus we flew the coup and went to the Andromeda galaxy where the ship would be
it's own place and not have to step on current ship designs. As the story goes, a research team found a destroyed
starship of unknown design in the Alpha quadrant. It was later found to be a Kelvans design ship after a memory
core was found in the reckage. (Star Trek: The Original Series, Episode: TOS 050 - By Any Other Name) It was
later found out that the Kelvans used a wormhole to get here and did not travel through space as they had said.

   The truth was is that the Kelvans where a conquering race that could take the form of any other type of race. The
Kelvans found themselves at the end of a galatic war in which Kelva was destroyed, their homeworld. Some 32
races made an alliance to defeat the Kelvans. So not only could they take enemy form but had weapons that could
turn any race into cubes.

   The last few fled into unknown space to find a place to rebuild. The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 was the first to
find the ones that made it to the Milkyway galaxy. They where last seen on a planet 50 years ago. The "X" was
given a mission to travel to this wormhole and see if it could be used. It was learned that the wormhole could
only be used to send signals and probes through due to it's size. Thanks to DS-9 and their knowledge, the ability
to make the wormhole bigger gave a chance for the "X" to travel to the Andromeda Galaxy. Starfleet, in need of
resources, jumped at the opportunity. The "X" made that jump 5 years ago in which after making it through
the wormhole all but collapised. Only short messages can get through and to this day so the "X" has had to
survive on it's own. The wornwhole was in a heavy radiation area from the last war. The shields did hold and
what was a surprise was the planet had recovered from the war though no signs of any race was on Kelva. The
planet was blue and clear. Though wreakage was everywhere and a what is now know as refuge base was in the
orbit above the planet.

The lower section was used to build what is now SB Refugee, which is know as a Avery class base. From here the new
beginning was planned out. The "X" was only to be used as a last measure to retreat back to the Milky Way which
even with a advance slipstream would take 10 years. With limited resources, the plan of exploration was on a much
smaller scale than really wanted. Thus the Griffon Project was put into place wehich allows small crews and ships
to travel to nearby star and explore. We have no idea what will find or be up against. So think of Stargate: Atlantis
and puddle jumpers running around exploring with small crews. Thats the idea behind Andromeda where small
groups of players get together and have fun exploring the new galaxy.