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 on: December 31, 2016, 02:05:51 AM 
Started by Drakno - Last post by Drakno
New Mission has been loaded up to everyone's PDA's. So review and report in by 1600 hours. Dock deck call will be at 1700 hours Sunday.

Region: Free Worlds League

System: Landfall
Galactic Coordinates: X: -406.85 Y: -203.42
Days to Jump Point: 5 days
Planet: Landfall
Primary Planetary Climate: Subarctic
Approximate Population: 4 Million People
Capital City: Tall Timbers
Contract Type: Garrison Duty
Primary Operational Terrain: Hills
Contract Duration: 2 Months (30 Days in REAL TIME) non-negotiable
Employer: The Corporate Sector
Employer Contact: Mr Humphreys CEO
Command Rights: Independent Command
Forces Recommended: A Company Strength Detachment
Supporting Forces: Local militia
Enemy Forces: Marian Raiders
Supplement Contracts Offered: None
Bounty Per Word: 400 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty: 6,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target: N/A
Bonus Salvage Category: N/A

Landfall is a sub-arctic world near the periphery that has little contact with the FWL Interior.

3080 Update
Although the planet seems heavily aligned to the Marian Hegemony, a recent referendum has voted not to change the planet's official allegiance but with only 4 million citizens that do not enhance the FWL no one on Atreus is likely to care.

Socio-Industrial Levels:
Technological Development
Minimal advancement; inhabitants live without dependence on technology; no advanced education; medical care at level of mid 20th century at best.
Industrialization Level
No industrialization.
Raw Material Dependence
World/system heavily dependent on imports for almost all of its raw materials.
Industrial Output
World must import most of its heavy industrial and high-tech needs.
Agricultural Dependence
World is an agriculturally poor world; cannot sustain its population and must import nearly all of its food.

With all the fighting going on on other borders, Marian Forces have been sending raiders to

get supplies and intelligence. Corporate offices on Landfall has been hit twice and it's costing

them a fortune. So they all got together and are hiring a unit that can handle the raiders and

protect corporate interest.

1) Protect the Power Plant
2) Keep Raiders from farm Silo's

1) Destroy as many Marian Raiders as possible
2) N/A

 on: April 11, 2016, 11:48:57 AM 
Started by Drakno - Last post by Drakno
Southern Mainland
Lindsey Mountains
System: Epsilon Eridani
Current Date June 18th, 3093
0614 hours

The hovercraft pulled out of the Kressly Factory heading to where they believe the enemy forces where holding up in the mountains. Inside the
vehicle where the factory CEO John Wilson and head commander of the Tikovo Militia, Colonel Dwight Goodman. They both where in formal wear
so as not to seem unprofessional. If the unit was clanners, appearance said a lot and if they where mercs, well then anything could happen.

Goodman: "So do think we have a chance to really save the factory."

Wilson: "My staff thinks we have a good chance. If they where mercs, they would have already hit the place. I've heard clanners are no better but do
have some honor, so there is a chance."

Goodman: "It's been bugging me as to why they pulled back after their encounter with the Convent commander. I've look at the tapes and I saw
nothing as to why they would have backed off like they did."

Wilson: "I looked at the same tape several times myself, If I was a betting man, I say it was what had not been said or done that made them back off.
I think we have a very wise commander out there and they saw more than the Convent had bargain for, also my security intell reported that the
Precentor was not happy about hearing of clan forces on planet side working for comstar. I'm afraid things are about to get ugly here on Epsilon."

Goodman: "I know the Convent just left us here to fight and die for no reason other than to try and do some damage to the enemy but the truth is
Mr. Wilson, these are just boys in uniforms and dying here for no real reason I can't justify. Hell, they where just sent here for training and should
be leaving soon to return home. I hate to say this, but I don't think we can play the neutral card here."

Wilson: "I know we can't play neutral in this Colonel, but what I'm hoping is they are working for Comstar, they where just here to see what was going
on and are pulling back to assist the situation. With a little luck we might be able to play the boy wiping boy that helps and saves the day."

"Goodman: "And if not, where all going home in caskets."

Wilson: "Well then, let's just do the best as we can and let the chips fall. At least I can say we tried."

Driver: "Sir, I'm coming up on a road block ahead. Looks like we found them."

Wilson: "Ok, let's get our game face on everyone. It's time."

(Under a tree)

"Colonel, check point Alpha just reported a hovercraft pulling up to their location that stopped and two men got out of the vehicle claiming they are
from the Kressly factory and would like to speak with you personally sir."

William was enjoying the cool breeze that had been blowing this early morning. The sky was clear for once this past week and watching the sun
raise was a nice sight to see. Maybe this was a good omen for this unit, as they had been lucky so far but luck always ran out. He looked at his comm
unit and placed it back on his head. "Ok Lieutenant, bring them in, let's see what they have to say."

"Yes sir. Eta ten minutes."

William stood there with his hands on his hips looking at the sun coming over the mountain, he wished his wife could be here to see it. Life, enjoy the
moments when you have them as you never know when they could be gone.

The sounds of a hovercraft pulled William out of his thoughts and caused him to look over at the approaching vehicle. It was all marked with Kressly
Corporation logos all around. William wondered what could they be up too now. He glanced one last time at the rising sun before turning and walking
towards the two men exiting out of the vehicle. There was several body guards in battle armor watching their every move. It was a bit of over kill but
you never know about bombers anymore and who they could be, in fact they could loaded and someone else is holding the trigger.

The older man looked right at William and both knew who the boss was here. William smiled and waited a few meters away as they two men where
searched from head to toe, and double checked with a metal detector for implants. After they where scanned, they where aloud to approach
where William was standing.

"Sorry gentlemen for the extra checks but I'm not in the mood for surprises today. So what brings you two out here then?"

Mr Wilson nodded and spoke up first. "Hello commander, I'm Mr Wilson, head of Kressly Corporation. I would like to talk to you about saving our
factory if we might."

"Well Mr. Wilson, I already know who you are and I'm figuring that this is the commander of the Tikovo militia." The Colonel nodded.

"How do you know who I am commander if I may ask?"

"Precentor Martial sends her regards." He could see the relief in the face of Mr.Wilson.

"Oh thank the heavens for arrival. We have been trying to keep things under control until someone from Comstar got here. It seemed like
we might never get free."

"Well, thankfully, you haven't been forgotten. From reports the Covenant packed up and left the militia there to fight us off then Colonel?"

"Yes sir, though after looking at what is standing around here, there would not be much of a fight really. I don't know what they think we
could due against clan forces."

"Well, where not going to hit the factory. My orders are to either secure or just recon them with the least amount of damage. So what is
it that you two came here then?"

"Well commander, it was to save the factory. With that not an issue I guess then are what are our terms."

"Colonel, what is your position on this before I explain what is going to happen."

"These troops are greener than green commander. Hell they are to leave in two weeks and return home as this was nothing more than
a training tour. The war has gotten personal and our commanders are getting tired of being cannon fodder for the Covenant. If they want
a full war, then let them. We just want to rebuild our republic and have a place of our own."

"Hmm, fair enough Colonel. Here is the plan Colonel your job is to act as security for the plant until we can get reinforcements here. The
commander you had over the Covenant forces was no officer but a Word Manei trooper of some kind. What this means is they will use any
means to win or if they lose make sure no one else gets to use this place. So as you can see, your a liability to them commander and so
is everyone else on this planet."

"I understand commander, If I'm readying this right, we are not going to be targets then?"

"As long as you don't get involved with this, then you troops are safe. Though I would get them ready for either biochemical or nuclear
attack. They don't take kindly to traitors Colonel.

"I understand. We have gear for such an attack though the damage to the factory will be another story."

Mr Wilson jumped into the conversation. Which brings up the next issue of how are we going to stop them from coming back and taking
over the plant. Even more, my grand daughter is at the Alpha site factory running that place. Is there anything that can be done?"

"Don't know yet but all the information you two can give us will be a great help at stopping them before they due two much damage. Once
we get that we could come up with some sort of plan. Though I will not make any promises to either of you. I'll do what I can."

"Thank you commander. I think this pad has all the information we could get for you on what we know or have been able to get from the
other factories. We haven't had much since lock down over a week ago. So It might be old by know."

"That will give us more than you know Mr.Wilson. They might already have changed up just because they seen clanners. You two could
already be in danger for coming out here. So, I'll send an escort to help you get back to the factory. The mountains will have have battle
armor and mechs running around. The have purifiers running recon out here so where going to hunt them down first and make it look like
where busy. I'm sending most of our forces back to the northern mainland until support gets here. By then I hope to have some type of
plan. Any other questions."

"I just want to say thank you sir. It looks like I owe the Precentor Martial one for this if we make it out of here. If you need anything
commander I will try to help." Mr Wilson said. William could tell that his granddaughter meant a lot to him.

"Thank you both for coming out here. We will do our best and end this soon. Be safe back and watch your backs. I'm sure you have spies
in the factory." Both men nodded and turned to head back to the vehicle. William looked over to Jefferson, "Grab Raven and take the wolfs
and escort them back to the factory. Drop them off and get back here asap. I'm sending you'll back to main camp."

"Yes sir." Jefferson nodded and left in a hurry to get back into his mech. Escort is never fun duty but it's a much needed and have your best
on the job makes things easier.

"Scott, get the Tonbo's in here. I need to get back to main camp." William said after the hovercraft turned and started to leave. Turning and
touching his comm. "Mark keep a lid on this place and head to point Jake after they are gone. Start your hunt and I'll be back as soon as
we have something."

William knew it was a long shot but the dice was rolling and time was ticking away before all hell breaks out.

Colonel William Draco Nostrum (aka Drakno)
Commanding Officer
7th Armored Legion

Word count: 1779

 on: March 30, 2016, 12:29:34 PM 
Started by Drakno - Last post by Susan
Comstar HPG Center
Planet: Epsilon Eridani
Current date: June 17th. 3093
1400 hours

Susan paced around the room, like a caged animal wondering what was going on. It had been several hours since the last call in from William
or anyone else for that matter. Even the Hi-Scout commander had been quiet.

"Susan if you keep pacing around this room, we're going to have a trench to fill in soon." Alice said.

"I know, I just hate waits like this one. You never know what is going on and who has gotten hurt." Susan replied as she turned to Alice. "I'm just
glad my daughter is not here. She be off to go find her dad in a heartbeat with half the boys following."

Alice smiled and shook her head at the thought of that. "Ya, the boys are like lost puppies around her for sure and will follow her anywhere."

"I know and that's even worse cause they don't think, they just do and she is at that sage of I know better than my parents."

"Just be thankful she is not here, if this goes bad in anyway Susan I know she would be right there in the middle of it." Alice said smiling.

"Well if your going to do it good, do it right then."

"That is true. Though I bet she's wondering what is happen here.

"I know she is, I have gotten three messages already this week. I just sent a reply to her telling her all is good so far. Even though, I'm not sure
it is really."

"It will be ok for now. It's when they try and take this place back when it will get ugly.

"Tell me about it and I'm afraid we don't have the fire power to stop it either."

(Heavy foot steps are heard outside the HQ vehicle. Then a hard knock on the door.)

"YES! come in"

A young solider walks in breathing hard with a pad in his hands. "Comm for you mam."

"Thanks you private, you may return to your duties." Susan said as she watched the young man salute her and the rush back out the door.

Susan took a deep breath then looked down and pressed the screen key. She began reading the message then let out a sigh and smiled.

"William and the boys are ok, they faced off with the Covenant today and meet the Demi-Precentor of the enemy forces. Seems they tried
to buy the unit off and wanted us to join forces."

Alice looked shocked and a quick inhale said more than words. "Are you serious? What did William say."

"Said he was polite and turned her down and pulled their forces back to Ghost point. Not good then if he ghosted the unit. They had made
the point and was letting us know that reinforcements are on they way. He will make a decision on what to due in the morning."

"Ghosted the unit, sounds bad." Alice said.

"Yep, means they felt it as a trap and everyone was for himself on getting out of there as fast as they can. Good thing is he thinks we are
a possible target now and is sending troops back here."  Susan smiled with some relief. "At least his thinking out things and taking his time
on this."

"So I guess we will see what happens tomorrow then. Well on that note, I'm heading for grub. You coming?" Alice asked.

"Sure, why not. Everything is in a hold pattern now and we have all our scouts looking for trouble. Not much else we can due."

The two women head off from the HQ vehicle to the food galley to get something to eat and chat about other things not war."

Word count: 444

 on: March 29, 2016, 02:54:36 PM 
Started by Drakno - Last post by Drakno
Southern Mainland
Lindsey Mountains
System: Epsilon Eridani
Current Date June 17th, 3093
1039 hours

"FC1, we have movement at the wall about ten o'clock your position."

"Roger." William looks down the wall where a small door appears within the wall and a figure in robes walks out. Then over the universal comm
channel, a female voice is heard.

"To the enemy forces outside the Kressly factory. I'm Demi Precentor Teresa Darn. I'm in charge of this post. Who is the commanding officer
of your forces? I wait your reply."

"FC1 who the hell is she? I'm getting weird readings from my scanners." Paul asked.

"Check for electrical and thermal scans. I have a felling she is not all that appears." William said as he moved his mech to see the figure that
was not standing some ten meters from the door, that was still open. There was no signs yet of any activity along the walls but that don't always
mean much for a surprise attack.

"FC1, thermals are showing her as hot as hell." Brains replied. "I only know of one thing that makes that much heat."

"Understand, Mark go triad comm and link up Davis would you. His going to be our point man on this show." A green light blinked and Davis came

"Davis here sir."

"Ok Davis, where going to do this by the book, head out about thirty meters from your position and stop. Looking right at her. I'll do all the talking
you just got to be ready to jump when I tell you."

"Roger that. Heading out now." Davis worked his way out of the forest and moved the thirty meters from the forest. Sweet was running down Davis
as he knew he was being bait and that if all hell breaks out he would be the first to fall.

"Hello Demi-Precentor." Came William's voice over the universal comm channel. "How can we help you today."

The female figure turned to look at the Clan version of the Highlander walking up of the woods then stopping a few meters after. Adept Pole's voice
came on a second channel into her ear piece. "Demi-Precentor, it seems that they are using direct line of site comm suite. Where getting no chat at
all from them."

"I figured as much and this mech that just came out is a point man more than likely. Don't think the commander of their force is that crazy, but then
again, Adept how is our forces doing in pulling out?"

"The last of the mechs are loading up know. All other forces are ready to go."

"Nice work adept. If this falls through, give the orders to launch the counter attack against the HPG station."

"Yes Demi-Precentor."

(Universal channel)
"Good day commander. It seems we have a little problem we need to resolve here. I don't think you would come down from your mech and talk
about this issue would you?"

"Well Demi-Precentor, while I would like to talk to you, I think we both know that I would be at a sever disadvantage if things got close and
personal. Besides you wouldn't come out here talk about an issue like this without a plan in motion. So what let's cut the chase, what do you

Teresa looked at the huge mech then notice that a second highlander was just at the edge of the forest. Nice move commander, Teresa thought
as she looked back up at the first highlander. So this commander was playing the kool hand and taken pro-cations to be safe as well. Teresa could see
the other mechs and battle armor all around her in the forest. There was at least several companies here from all the targets that had been reported.

"Well commander, I would be nice to know whom I  am talking too."

"Normally I would love to tell you. Just so I could see the fear in your eyes when you realize who is standing here, but I was given orders to play
a low keep here."

"Ah, so you are playing by the rules. Well then, let's see what we have here, playing nice and by the rules, you are either a Comstar unit from the edge
or your a merc unit that has been working for Comstar way to long. Either way don't really matter to me, I have a proposal for you commander. The
Precentor of this planet has offered to pay you twice the amount of money your getting paid to leave here. You can in fact hold onto the northern lands
so as to make it look like a stand off for however long as you wish. So what due you say to that commander?"

William could here the grunts over the comm channels. "Sir, is this woman for real? Davis asked.

"Very much so and even more she is up to something. All units, Ghost and recall, I repeat Ghost and recall now. This is a sell out for something bigger
than we can see. I'll buy sometime for everyone." Changing back to universal channel. "Well Demi-Precentor, that would for sure make a frail sphere
type think about their pockets but I'm afraid that is just not the case for us. Sorry but the answer here would be NO!"

Teresa listen to the words carefully. Then it hit her like a brick, this was a clan unit working for Comstar. There had been rumors that Comstar had
been reaching out to the clans. These most be a freeborn group handed over by one of the clans to work for them. Made a lot of sense and why the mechs
didn't have any markings. Teresa began to see the whole picture and knew that the plans she had in motion would fail. Even if these where a Solahma unit,
they where a shock force for a bigger force somewhere else. Teresa knew she had to report this in and a change of plans where in order.

"Well then Star commander," Teresa said with a smirk you could hear in her voice. "It seems we both have been hiding things. It's a shame your pride and
old ways are coming to an end, I have always wanted to fight one of you in hand to hand combat. It is a shame though, as your looking for death even if
you win or lose. To me that's not much sport so prepare yourself star commander for your end. I will be glad to give it to you." Teresa turns around and
walks back through the door from where she had come from earlier. Her walk was now defiant and with a purpose and soon these clanners would be dead!

"Sir, what was that all about?" Davis asked confused."

"She figured use out, I'll tell you more later. Let's get the hell out of here." William turned his mech around and pushed the mech back down the trail it had
come. Now it was fight against time for his troops and him to leave the area before she could piece it all together what had just happen. Though while all
the time, one of the hover Hi-scout recon drones had came over the water and into the base and found a place to hide under a deck where it could see and
target several enemy units within site. Just as they had thought, seeing the mechs load up on dropships was a sign they where going to attack the HPG
station. William knew it could happen with all the forces being on the southern mainland. Though, he had made a plan for just such an event, as dropships
can't for the most part, stop artillery rounds.

(Inside the HQ compound)

"Demi-Precentor, just as you returned inside the enemy moved away from the compound."

"I figured as much, they are preparing for attack."

"You miss what I'm saying Demi-Precentor, they have pulled out of the area at full speed as if they where in a rush."

"What! So the commander is a lot smarter than I give him to be, he must have figured out we where up to something or he could have been called back. I
gees, why didn't I see it. Their force commander could have been getting reports about the event. He pulled them back thinking this base was nothing but a
trap and to see what forces we had. Have our scouts track them down and report."

"Yes Demi-Precentor." The adept turned and left the office.

Teresa walked over to the back screen and activated by a simple touch. The screen blinked in silence for a long moment before coming on.

"So Demi-Precentor, your still alive, that is good news. What else can you tell me?"

"No good news for sure. We are facing second line clanners and the unit that was sent here was a Solahma unit for sure. It seems they where in contact with
their force commander, his called a full retreat. I'm guessing he thinks this is a trap and pulled out. I have scouts tracking them now."

"I see, well if he thinks it is a trap that's good news for us. Though a clan force here means we can expect a full out assault then from the main force then soon
at the main factory. Pull all of your units back here Teresa, we can hold out in one place if where together. I will report this to High Command and get some help
here. I will expect a full report when you arrive Teresa."

"Yes sir. I'll be there shorty." Teresa touches the screen and it goes silent, black and cold. Just like Teresa was felling right now. She would see that commander
once again and hopes his heart is still beating so she rip it out of his dying chest.

(Else where in the Lindsey Mountains)

"AQ1 to FC1 what the hell was all that about?"

"Our setup keep throwing them off and when she started putting her information together, she figured that we are second line clanners, maybe a Solahma unit.
What ever the case, the Hi-scout proved my theory that they might strike at the HPG station if we attacked that factory. Ting us up while hit there and try and take
back the station."

"If they think we are clanners, you know they will pull back now and dig in for sure at the main factory. I bet they are calling for help for sure now." Paul said.

"If I know them they already have. Everyone meet up at Point Rascal, once we get there Brains and Raven start your sweeps behind us. If I'm right they will
have scouts follow us to we leave the valley. I have a plan already coming to me already."

"What about the Station?" Mark asked.

"I'm sending back a several units to help reinforce what is there. The rest will follow me once we see what they are doing."

While the forces pulled back to Point Rascal, the Hi-scout recorded the movements of the Covenant forces leaving the area. Susan had dispatched the aerospace
fighters to low recon along the coast and to keep an eye out for the dropships. Though the ships where reported to be heading to the main factory and the satellite
that was placed over the planet confirmed as much. Glad Comstar had suggested that we bring one just so they could check on each of the factories. It was
becoming an extra set of eyes and much intell. William would get the reports an hour later and a full lay out of the Charlie site. It would give William the first
strike advantage of hitting major hard points of the enemy. It would be more of a surprise to William when he finds out only the green troops of Tikonov militia
was there holding the place and that the Covenant had left the place. It would be the sign of things to come.

Word Count: 2,019
Total Word Count: 19,082

 on: March 24, 2016, 05:01:07 PM 
Started by Marduke - Last post by cmdrcole
Stardate: 88821.32
Date: March 20, 2411
Main Science lab

      Cole heard the Commadors message over the comm and turns to look at Eaglen.  " Well you ready for this Eaglen we are about to go on a great journey. We have a chance to explore a new area of space this is a science officers dream." He said with a glow on his face.  Eaglen looks at Cole "True that sir it is great but their will be loads of danger as well so it is a blessing and a curse I an courious as to what is out their but I do not like the Idea of us being alone is all." said Eaglen as he ran test on the science systems. " I now what you mean but we can handle it we have a great state of the art ship, a great CO, and a crew that not only is the best in starfleet but a crew that looks out for each other and has each others backs. Best way to sum it up Eaglen is if we were on any other ship with  a new crew I would be as scared  as you are. No worry bud I have your back." The two men look at each other with a look of friendship not normally seen on a ship. Eaglen smiles and heads to the computers to check resualts of the test as Cole heads to the science office to get his dept. reports ready and waite for them to reach the gamma base. 

CPT. Marcus Cole
Chief of Science
USS  Andromeda


 on: March 23, 2016, 10:21:58 PM 
Started by Drakno - Last post by trundlemore
Southern Mainland
Lindsey Mountains
System: Epsilon Eridani
Current Date June 17th, 3093
1039 hours

Strykers what is your grid over.

We just arrived at grid seven.

Roger Stryker, take up positions on either side of the road before that bridge.

Affirmative on that. We have the bridge covered.

Trundle moves up along the rest of the battle armor units that where now facing the main gate into the factory. The
teams had been moving through the forest in separate groups so that the enemy could not use artillery to nail all of
them at once. While the rotties had speed to keep up with the mechs, the grenadier units where slow so are the main
rear units in most cases. Though today they where on the front line and would be needed to get through the walls
once a hole was made.

Hicks, what is your status over.

Where in position over here in grid thirteen, next to FCS1 over.

Roger, keep their flank open if you can. I'm expecting company soon.

Affirmative, don't want these pretty boys to get a scratch on their mechs.

Trundle smiled with the thought of that before replying: Roger that, Keep your eyes open Hicks, not in the mood to put
your butt in a coffee can.

I don't expect anytime soon, Over.

Trundle smiled as he moved closer to the edge of the forest to get a good look up and down the wall that was before
them. It was huge and at least five turrets covered the top towers and about half a dozen small arms turrets at ground
level. Though not overly heavy armed, it looked heavy made which means it would take a lot to bring the wall down.

Stryker to FC1, where in position with flanks covered, Over.

Roger Stryker, keep and hold position, Over.

Affirmative, holding position.

Now was the waiting game for the order to hit the walls with everything they had and push the enemy out. This is what
Trundle and the battle armor troops lived for and die for. It was one of the most dangerous yet thrilling job one could
have in his opinion.

Jefferies to Pack leader, we have movement along the water way heading to the base over.

Roger that, you have eyes that can see what the bogies are, over.

Neg on that, to far out but it is making a hell of a wake behind it for sure. If I had to guess I say it was a huge dropship
or multiple dropships coming in low.

Roger that, keep your eyes open on them. I'll inform the old man. Over.

Trundle didn't like what was reported and if it was true, then the enemy was getting help and quickly.

Stryker to FC1 sending a report on TAC screen, your not going to like it. Over.

Roger Stryker, got your TAC. Ok, keep me posted, updating Force TAC now. Out.

Trundle knew that things could get ugly if the enemy was indeed getting reinforcements but if he knew the old man, it was
just more bodies to add to the count at the end of the day.

Centurion Robert Trundle
Battle Armor Force Commander
7th Armored Legion

Word Count: 543

 on: March 22, 2016, 10:44:14 PM 
Started by Marduke - Last post by Gerhold
Stardate: 88821.32
Date: March 20, 2411
DS-9, Bajoran Wormhole
12 Forward

 Mark heard the orders for the fleet to begin moving into jump position for the wormhole. Mark had seen many places but the thought of a whole new part
of the galaxy was exciting. He had served his life aboard a starship and now was getting to go far beyond he had ever dreamed he would go. He was proud
of this moment and was glad he was with friends going to such a far place. The voices of the crew could be heard and was getting louder as the ship got
closer to the wormhole Several ships from on both sides could be seen moving up and inline to the Andromeda. The glow from the near by star and the
wormhole lit the whole area up. You could hear the excitement among the crew as more began moving towards the huge view bay window that was open.
It was a sight to wonder and behold. Vid recorders where being used to record the moments by the crew. What a hell of a vid to send home to family and
friends. Mark thought for a second, all his friends was on this ship and well many might as well be family, or as close as family one could have. Mark had
lost his when the war start years ago, if it wasn't for starfleet he would have been there and died as well. If it wasn't for starfleet he would have been lost.
It was his friends there at the academy that help him pull through and here he was going where most humans would never get to see, meet new races and
for him, new threats. He was the Chief Intelligence officer now of both the Andromeda and the new starbase, Gamma-Hold. It would be up to him to keep
his friends safe, his family safe. Mark stood up proud and defiant. He would make his mark in this new space, even his enemies would know fear if they
hurt any of them. He was drawing the line here and now.

 on: March 22, 2016, 10:15:49 PM 
Started by Drakno - Last post by Gerhold
Southern Mainland
Lindsey Mountains
System: Epsilon Eridani
Current Date June 17th, 3093
1035 hours

"Jacobs, you see anything over at your end?"

"Neg, No tango's in sight over."

"Roger that, ok all units hold here until we get further orders. Everyone keep your eyes on and find something out of place."

Mark began running the different scenarios around in his head. If this was a trap then it's going to be one ugly trap.

"FCS1 to FC1, come in over."

"Go ahead FCS1."

"Sir, where in position and no Tango, I repeat No Tango's in area or in line of site over."

"Understand. Hold Grid and keep eyes on."

"Roger that, FCS1 out." Mark replied as he laid his head back in his chair. Mark did not like how this was going. You know the enemy knows
yet no one is showing any signs. So what type of game was the enemy playing and what horror could be hided past thous walls. As Mark
sat there wondering within his thoughts, he was reminded back years ago when fight the Word of Blake in Liao space. All the dirty tricks
they had come up with and how you just never knew what was going to happen next, even more so was the fear in the back of your mind
the sorry bastards would use nukes just to wipe out a unit. Didn't care if it took out their own units, civilians or even a whole city., if it
meant removing one more enemy to the Word. The Covenant has done the same thing on Chara, showing they are not much better than
the Word. Why does every one think they are any better than the Word. Their snakes hiding, waiting for the right moment to strike and
then it will be to late.

Mark brought his mind to the present and looked at his screens, only a moment had past yet it already felt like hours had past. The sun
was raising into the cloudy sky, the rain had stopped a few hours before. The ground had the wet look to it as did the trees around him.
It was one of thous moments when all of life just stopped so you could enjoy the moment, for how ever long it would last. Mark loved
the moments, but hated them even more as it was a sign. The time had come when life was now in the balance of an unseen force. All
one could due when the time came was give a good account of their lives, remembering the love ones they had, the moments with friends
and family. Was it all worth it at the end? Could you have done things different or said something that would change someones life. Had
you played the game of life to it' fullest? As a mechwarrior, you where feared and loved, controlling life with just a finger to the trigger.
Mark sat there wondering, had the moment come for him and his unit to answer the call, would this be their last stand today or would the
powers to be grant them one more day, one more chance of life to make a difference. Why was the cosmic game always came down to
the few brave soldiers on some side world that most didn't even care about. Would it even make a real difference here or would it start
a new flame that would sweep the inner sphere into another war where millions will die. Or had this just been planned out a long time ago
and they where just pawns in a chest board match they hadn't been played out yet. At least, this wasn't some back water would out in
deep space where no one would ever know what had happen on this day. A day like today, a moment in silence that could last forever if
only there was peace. Someone to share something like this place, this moment could define man and who he was among the stars. If

Mark sat there looking out into the sky, watching the clouds roll by, lights in his cockpit glowing in the ready. The humming of the fusion
reactor waiting for the command to move. Time ticking slowly away, thoughts that would soon go away and the sense of survival kicks
in to fight for ones life begins. This was the reason Mark had become a knight among the stars. A warrior that fought the good fight and
let his actions define how his life was, and would be. Even if this would be his last moments, one thing was for sure, he was going to kill
as many of thous freaking want to be Blake's as he could with weapons blazing. Fist swinging and a scream of defiance so everyone knew
he fought the good fight and died well.

Word count: 816

 on: March 21, 2016, 01:11:09 PM 
Started by Drakno - Last post by Drakno
Southern Mainland
Lindsey Mountains
System: Epsilon Eridani
Current Date June 17th, 3093
1015 hours

 William looks down from the Brair point as it's been called by locals. Even though the Kressly Technologies factory was still several miles away, the huge
place could be seen from the point. Vtol aircraft could be seen coming and going all around the base. The shore line to the Magellan Sea could be seen just
past the factory, with white beaches surrounding the northern side like a glove. Even from this range, the white caps of the waves coming in could be seen.
William thought of what Paul and Jason would be doing if they could get to thous waves. Surf heads to say the least, but William let go of the thought to
the more pressing issue, the base. There would be no easy answer to hitting this one. The huge walls the surround the factory was at least mech high and
no doubt that there will be weapon turrets all over the place. Though the big issue would be traps and even more so, what was inside. How far will the
enemy go to keep the factory out of the hands of others? The march to the charlie point had taken longer than William had liked and know it was almost
noon and still there was a good hour march through the mountains and woods to get there. Surprise was not going to be on their side for sure but
they still had to press this attack. William needed intelligence and soon as the plan was to fall back before then end of tomorrow.

"FC1 to all units. Charlie point is within sight. Even knows the plan and we have been all through the drill people. Let's do this right the first time and
get the hell out of here. Good luck to us all. FC1 out." William turned his Supernova towards the small road that leads down from the point that would
take him to the front of the base. It would be a quiet and long ride thous last few miles into hell.

Mark had taken the high road that was coming from the west into the base and Paul had made it there in time to cover the road coming out going east.
Paul had radioed William about the enemy contact they had and with the Purifier Battle Armor. So the Covenant was using Wobbie gear here which means
they could have just about anything for combat forces. That was good news to know as tactics change to face such equipment and troops. Though having
such gear was also a bad sign down the road. Is the Covenant just another Word of Blake force that has changed it's face to look more friendly but in
truth, just another Blake piece of trash that needs to be cleansed from the universe? Well it was all about to be found out in a few minutes as the units
moved in for the first assault.

(Kressly Factories - Charlie site)

"Demi-Precentor, scouts have report enemy units coming in from several different directions. Time of arrival is less than an hour."

"Thank you adept, keep me posted." The young Adept nodded and turned away and headed back to the room full of monitors and personal that where
in contact with troops around the area. She had no doubt the enemy forces now had an idea of what type of units where in the field. The Purifier's
where one of the few tools they kept from the war with their brothers as it allowed them to scout and recon area's without being seen most of the time.
The video screen next to her chimed with the call from headquarters. Teresa reached over and touched the screen.

"Demi-Precentor here." Her voice was calm an cold. The view screen came on and the Precentor himself was on screen.

"Good morning. I hear your about to have guest there?"

"Yes Precentor, we are getting reports of units moving in from several sides. If current speeds are kept by the enemy, they should be here within the

"Good, You have read up on the plans and are ready if either falls through?"

"Yes Precentor, though the idea of paying off the enemy is quit a different tactic at this point."

"I would agree but if this is a mercenary unit, they could be bought off and in which case we could save us from sever loses and worse the lose of
these factories. Though the truth be told, it would hurt Tikonov units more than us and could place them in a position of losing the gains they have
made for us on the Fed Suns border."

"I understand Precentor. Though my feelings on this unknown unit has me on the edge. The reports from our units lost in Hatzes Mountains have
been confirmed, we are facing a unit that has clan mechs. We have identify the one lance as Clan Shadow Hawks."

"Hum, that could be a problem if they do turn us down and press the attack. If they do attack and it looks like the base will fall, pull out the Covenant
troops and leave the Tikonov militia fight it out. Charlie base is not that vital to lose our few troops we have. Though d try and find out who are enemy
is Teresa. I like to know how Comstar got a unit hired from under our noses."

"I understand Precentor. I've set up our forces to retreat quickly anyway by the shore line. I thought best to keep them out of site and by the dropship
anyway. The Purifier's are in the field now and where getting a good luck at what they have equipment wise. It's only a matter of time before we get
a id on the unit."

"Good, then we will wait and see what our enemy has in store. Keep me posted Teresa and my the Word of Blake be with you."

"Thank you Precentor and you walk with Blake." The screen goes black and Teresa is left alone in silence with the hum of computers all around her.
The thought of leaving a base to a bunch of green troops still in diapers to an enemy that works for Comstar was unnerving to Teresa. She would
rather blow the factory and the base to hell first. Teresa smiled for a second as the image of diapers flying through the air hitting the enemy mechs
almost made her laugh out loud. Now that would be sight to see and one hell of an image to send to Comstar. Teresa turned back to look at the
personal in the other room working over screens and data feeds that where coming in. Teresa would soon know who her enemy was and she would
deal with them.

(Forward point south of Kressly Factory Walls)

"FC1 this is ASC1, we have visual on the Walls. Little contact with enemy units though I say we might have passed up enemy units in the field but I'm
not sure. Over."

"Understand ASC1, you could have passed up Purifier units so watch your backs. Hold and report anything new. Out."

William figured as much that the enemy would have scouts of Purifier's out in the field as early warning units. When Paul had reported them it was
the most logical to have such units out in the field. You needed the newer Bloodhound systems to find them and William's unit had one active as the
plan had not included Wobbie units of any type.

"Brains, we have possible reports that the Covenant are using Purifier's out here as scouts. They might be trying to get reports on our equipment so
start deep scans and see if you and Raven can catch a few of them."

"Roger that FC1, we're heading up behind ASC1 know so we will dig up they little friends."

"FC lance, let's slow down and hold over that ridge. I want to let Brains go dig up the enemy before we head down for the final push." The dashboard
of green lights appeared once. William pulled his mech up along side the others on the ridge which was just high enough to see over the trees and the
huge wall sitting before them. The only good thing was the enemy didn't know as of yet was the wall is easy to bypass in a Supernova and the last thing
they wanted to see was Clan mechs for sure.

Brains and Raven had slowed up to walking speed so they could start using their probes to find the enemy, if they where out there, Brains would find
them for sure. Raven had an advantage also, as it was in Stealth armor so looking for scouts was it's main job and it's pilot was just as good.
"Well find them Raven and when we do don't wait for me, blow the hell out of the little buggers."

"Don't worry unless your in my way."

"I"ll make sure I'm not and I always worry. It's what I get paid to do."

" I would hate to have your job, they couldn't pay me that much for it."

"They don't pay me enough that's for sure and well I took the job before they asked."

"Are are crazy then and why would you do something like that?"

"It was job security plus I'm just good at it. Thirteen years I've been doing this and have come home each time."

"That's good to know. I'll keep that in mind the next......"

"Hold up Raven, getting blips northeast of us. Interesting marks for sure."

"What do you have Brains?"

"Don't know hold up a second. Computer is coming up with weird markers. CRAP! Back up Raven the little buggers are up in the tree tops moving
our direction."

"Oh, I got this what's the range?"

"One hundred meters and closing. Let's get into that opening behind us."

"Can due keep calling them out and loading rounds just for them."

"What's your plan Raven?"

"If they are Purifier's, the can't hind from Mr. Inferno."

"Oh, I like it when you talk dirty like that."

"The only way you get dirty talk boy."

"I take what I can get, sixty meters."

"Let them come, their about to get a wake up call."

"Thirty meters. Show Time!"

 Raven opens up with the MML-7 launcher that could fire short range missile when needed. In this case, Raven had loaded Inferno rounds as they where
good against infantry, buildings and tanks. Raven was about to add Battle Armor to that list. The rounds went off just as the Purifiers had reached the
edge of the clearing, lighting all the trees up in flames, which had caught the enemy off guard. They didn't know they had come up on a scout hunting
party that could see them. The flames would start to do damage if they stayed their long enough. The enemy commander took a quick snap of the two
mechs and then jumped away before Raven could fire again but that didn't stop them Raven and Brains from firing into the trees and laying waste to them.
In fact the very trees they had been using to move through got blown to splinters an several on the Battle armor units hit the ground hard. They where up
and running in no time but for that very moment, fear had become part of their lives and they where trying to get away from Brains and Raven's onslaught
of laser, missiles and the very ground the ran on.

"FC5 to FC1, we have made contact with the enemy and it went well. Though if they didn't know we where here, they do now."

"Roger FC5, contact made. What's your status?"

"We're good sir. Raven gave them the 'Fear of God' and they went running."

"Well then, keep moving towards ASC1's position. You might find more but watch out for ambushes. You can get out, Raven can't over."

"Roger that, I think she will be a target for sure. Where moving to ASC1's position now. Eta fifteen minutes unless we get company."

 William looked over the tree top and could see the smoke rising from the trees and brush that was now burning. "Ok FC Lance, let's move out. Don't
want to miss the party. I'm glad it rains here a lot or there would be one hell of a forest fire by now." The lance moved down of the ridge and into
the forest. They would come across the remains of the burned area. What Brains didn't see was an enemy Purifier crushed and burned under a tree.
"FC1 to FC5, looks like you all bagged one without knowing it. Burnt up really good."

"Roger FC1. I'll let Raven know here cooking was burnt."

"I'm glad your telling her that and not me." William smiles think of what Raven must be saying to Brains about now.

It didn't take long to catch up to Brains and Raven a few minutes later. The lance pulled up to the edge of the forest and waited for the other lances to
get into position. "Brains, what have you picked up?"

"Not much sir, followed several Purifier's back into the factory walls but it's been quiet for the most part. Vtol's are flying just inside the wall. Been
getting pings so they have active probes going on but other wise, their waiting for us."

"Ok, well wait here until the others report in."

(Kressly Factory Charlie)

"Demi-Precentor, we have made contract with the enemy and it was a good out come to say the least. The enemy had a scout hunter group and they
where able to make out our Purifiers and killed one solder and severely damaged the rest of the squad. They chased them back to the wall. The other
units fell back as well as the hunters had active probes that can detect us."

"Where are they now? Teresa was still claim and looking over the lower room of personal.

"They seemed to have held up at the edge of the forest tree line."

"Probably waiting for the other units to get into place."

"That's the weird part, they are in position yet they haven't moved as if watching for something and here is the last piece of information we got from the
field. Your not going to like this one, where spotted a full lance of clan Supernova's heading this way with an artillery mech."

"Well that does make for a change of tactics. Means they are setting up for barrages into the compound which could very well change things here for us
Adept. Pull our mechs back to the dropship and be ready to leave this post. I'm going to try this little plan for the Precentor, if it goes bad, pull out and let's
get out. Leave the Tikonov militia here to fight it out. The walls should hold the enemy for a few hours anyway."

"Understand Demi-Precentor. I'll make arrangements." The adept turns to leave the room just as Teresa walks over to her personal screen. She hits a few
keys and the Precentor's face appears.

"What news do you have for me Demi-Precentor?"

"Looks like our guest have arrived at the gates. I'm heading there now to make your offer. We still have no id on the enemy forces yet, but we have found
out something that is disturbing. Reports are coming in that the unit has several designs of clan mechs. From what I can tell they are second liners so far.
The biggest one is a full lance of Supernovas."

"Good work Demi-Precentor, that gives us something to work with though it is not good news for us. We don't have the forces to deal with clanners. So let's
hope the offer will make head way."

"That makes two of us Precentor. There is something else also, they brought their own artillery mechs and have scout hunters. We lost a Purifier suit and
the others are damaged. Seems like the have a least one Raven and a Comstar Ostscout. That could spell trouble for any counter attack."

"Indeed it does. Follow through your orders. My Blake's words be your strength and courage your shield Teresa. Best of luck to us all."

"My Blake watch over us all Precentor." The screen goes black and Teresa pulls down the ends of her uniform. It was time to set things into motion, one
way or the other she was going to find out who they where dealing with and how to beat them, or die trying.

Word Count: 2801
Total Word Count: 15,685

 on: March 20, 2016, 12:11:34 AM 
Started by Marduke - Last post by Marduke
Stardate: 88821.15
Date: March 20, 2411
Stationed over DS-9

(Bridge of the USS Andromeda)

DS-9 has been the front line base for the Gamma quadrant and the whole inner block. The Breen have been very active including going to war with
the Orion's. Though the true victims of that war was the people on worlds that had been neutral for centuries. Thousands have died and three times
more have been injured or maimed.

"Commodore, Admiral Janeway on pirate channel sir." Ensign Dole reported.

"Thank you Ensign. Put it through to my ready room."

William gets up from the captain's chair and heads into his readyroom and takes a sit behind his desk. "Screen on."  The High Command Logo
appears for a second before Admiral Janeway does. "Good morning Admiral."

"Good morning Commodore. I thought I get one last word in with you before you head through."

"Well I don't know if that sounds good or a warning."

"For you, it's both. I won't tell you of all the things that can go bad there but know this, once you go through you are on your own. So what every
you don't don't start no wars. The Alpha quadrant has enough issues with out another Gamma quadrant war."

"I understand Admiral. You know me...I like making new friends."

"Yes I know, with friends like your we don't need any more enemies. Anyway, Good luck Commodore and be safe over there. It's a long way
home if you lose the wormhole."

"I which case I won't make it to my court martial if that happens. Thank you for calling and yes I will try to behave over there. It's not me I'm
worried about at the moment."

"I know that tone, what's on your mind."

"The rumors of enemies looking for Iconian technology is a troubling thought. I know a lot of Iconian equipment, so I'm can of at a loss to why
I'm being sent away from here?"

"Beside to try and keep you out of site from command? Intell thinks you could become a target if anyone finds out about your background."

"Ah, now we have the bad guys involved here. Get me out of the way so one less lose cannon to well with, I see now."

"Well yes and no really but it did go over well with command on giving you your starbase back and the support to finish it."

"Well I guess being shoved through a hole is one way of getting me out of here. Thanks anyway for your support. I'll try not to be to big of a
headache for you over there."

"Personal William, I would trade places in a heart beat if I could but talk of more conflicts has me tied up and not to mention, just twelve more
months and I'm retired."

"Well I wish you well with that and hopefully you get our on one piece."

"That makes two of Commodore. Good luck over there William. Janeway out."

William sits back in his chair and wonders of what it's going to be like and all the new things his crew and discover. <taps Comm> "Bridge."

"Bridge here sir."

"Ensign Dole. Set course for the worm hole. Inform the support fleet to follow. We have been given the green light. Pass the word. Out."

William stands up and walks over to the bay window and watches as the ship leaves DS-9. Over a dozen ships are following them to the worm
hole where they will head to their new home. For most, they will never see the Alpha quadrant for a very long time.'

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