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Author Topic: Episode 1 {Gateway to Gamma Quadrant}  (Read 2272 times)
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« on: December 29, 2014, 12:06:52 AM »

Stardate: 88700.28
Date: February 4, 2411

 The Andromeda is in route to DS-9 before heading to the reactivated Starbase Gamma. Plans had been in the working for years but several incidents caused
starfleet to pull back. It was when Commodore Marduke got to pick a posting that he asked for the old base he had once served on. The base was only partly
finished when the first pull happen back in 2397. Now after years, Gamma Base is now back up and running thanks to a hand full of volunteers and former
engineers that was glad to return. In fact, the concept of the base was trade and commerce which would help pay for the completion and operations of the
base. At first command was leary about the idea for security reasons but that was put aside with the help of several personal stepped up to off idea's and
security for the base. Now with all the a new crew and ship, the Andromeda heads off for it's first full mission. To go and explore a new space full of life an
adventure. To test one's skills in places where no man has gone before.

"Hello Commodore, how is the food tonight?"

"Very good. The idea of having a full kitchen on a starship has been a big hit I see. So Lavid, how has the crew responded to all the new changes so far?"

"Good sir. We had a few small issues with the taste for some crew members as not all spicing works like we intend it to be but we are working on it."

"That's nice to hear. I'll want to keep on top of things until we get this down. The first ship for all this new work will be watched like a hawk."

"I understand sir. I'll be sure to bring anything up if it needs attention."

"Thanks, well I'm off to listen to the band that's about to start playing. Have a good night Tavid."

"You too sir."

William walks around the large room where people had gathered for the nights first showing of a live band called Mooners. It seemed that this was going to be
a good night and crew bounding. It would be needed in their long mission to come.
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Commadore William Marduke
Commanding Officer
USS Andromeda
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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2016, 12:11:34 AM »

Stardate: 88821.15
Date: March 20, 2411
Stationed over DS-9

(Bridge of the USS Andromeda)

DS-9 has been the front line base for the Gamma quadrant and the whole inner block. The Breen have been very active including going to war with
the Orion's. Though the true victims of that war was the people on worlds that had been neutral for centuries. Thousands have died and three times
more have been injured or maimed.

"Commodore, Admiral Janeway on pirate channel sir." Ensign Dole reported.

"Thank you Ensign. Put it through to my ready room."

William gets up from the captain's chair and heads into his readyroom and takes a sit behind his desk. "Screen on."  The High Command Logo
appears for a second before Admiral Janeway does. "Good morning Admiral."

"Good morning Commodore. I thought I get one last word in with you before you head through."

"Well I don't know if that sounds good or a warning."

"For you, it's both. I won't tell you of all the things that can go bad there but know this, once you go through you are on your own. So what every
you don't don't start no wars. The Alpha quadrant has enough issues with out another Gamma quadrant war."

"I understand Admiral. You know me...I like making new friends."

"Yes I know, with friends like your we don't need any more enemies. Anyway, Good luck Commodore and be safe over there. It's a long way
home if you lose the wormhole."

"I which case I won't make it to my court martial if that happens. Thank you for calling and yes I will try to behave over there. It's not me I'm
worried about at the moment."

"I know that tone, what's on your mind."

"The rumors of enemies looking for Iconian technology is a troubling thought. I know a lot of Iconian equipment, so I'm can of at a loss to why
I'm being sent away from here?"

"Beside to try and keep you out of site from command? Intell thinks you could become a target if anyone finds out about your background."

"Ah, now we have the bad guys involved here. Get me out of the way so one less lose cannon to well with, I see now."

"Well yes and no really but it did go over well with command on giving you your starbase back and the support to finish it."

"Well I guess being shoved through a hole is one way of getting me out of here. Thanks anyway for your support. I'll try not to be to big of a
headache for you over there."

"Personal William, I would trade places in a heart beat if I could but talk of more conflicts has me tied up and not to mention, just twelve more
months and I'm retired."

"Well I wish you well with that and hopefully you get our on one piece."

"That makes two of Commodore. Good luck over there William. Janeway out."

William sits back in his chair and wonders of what it's going to be like and all the new things his crew and discover. <taps Comm> "Bridge."

"Bridge here sir."

"Ensign Dole. Set course for the worm hole. Inform the support fleet to follow. We have been given the green light. Pass the word. Out."

William stands up and walks over to the bay window and watches as the ship leaves DS-9. Over a dozen ships are following them to the worm
hole where they will head to their new home. For most, they will never see the Alpha quadrant for a very long time.'

Commadore William Marduke
Commanding Officer
USS Andromeda
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« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2016, 10:44:14 PM »

Stardate: 88821.32
Date: March 20, 2411
DS-9, Bajoran Wormhole
12 Forward

 Mark heard the orders for the fleet to begin moving into jump position for the wormhole. Mark had seen many places but the thought of a whole new part
of the galaxy was exciting. He had served his life aboard a starship and now was getting to go far beyond he had ever dreamed he would go. He was proud
of this moment and was glad he was with friends going to such a far place. The voices of the crew could be heard and was getting louder as the ship got
closer to the wormhole Several ships from on both sides could be seen moving up and inline to the Andromeda. The glow from the near by star and the
wormhole lit the whole area up. You could hear the excitement among the crew as more began moving towards the huge view bay window that was open.
It was a sight to wonder and behold. Vid recorders where being used to record the moments by the crew. What a hell of a vid to send home to family and
friends. Mark thought for a second, all his friends was on this ship and well many might as well be family, or as close as family one could have. Mark had
lost his when the war start years ago, if it wasn't for starfleet he would have been there and died as well. If it wasn't for starfleet he would have been lost.
It was his friends there at the academy that help him pull through and here he was going where most humans would never get to see, meet new races and
for him, new threats. He was the Chief Intelligence officer now of both the Andromeda and the new starbase, Gamma-Hold. It would be up to him to keep
his friends safe, his family safe. Mark stood up proud and defiant. He would make his mark in this new space, even his enemies would know fear if they
hurt any of them. He was drawing the line here and now.

Lt. Mark Gerhold
USS Excalibur

Lt. Mark "Hunter" Gerhold
Executive Officer
7th Armored Legion
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« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2016, 05:01:07 PM »

Stardate: 88821.32
Date: March 20, 2411
Main Science lab

      Cole heard the Commadors message over the comm and turns to look at Eaglen.  " Well you ready for this Eaglen we are about to go on a great journey. We have a chance to explore a new area of space this is a science officers dream." He said with a glow on his face.  Eaglen looks at Cole "True that sir it is great but their will be loads of danger as well so it is a blessing and a curse I an courious as to what is out their but I do not like the Idea of us being alone is all." said Eaglen as he ran test on the science systems. " I now what you mean but we can handle it we have a great state of the art ship, a great CO, and a crew that not only is the best in starfleet but a crew that looks out for each other and has each others backs. Best way to sum it up Eaglen is if we were on any other ship with  a new crew I would be as scared  as you are. No worry bud I have your back." The two men look at each other with a look of friendship not normally seen on a ship. Eaglen smiles and heads to the computers to check resualts of the test as Cole heads to the science office to get his dept. reports ready and waite for them to reach the gamma base. 

CPT. Marcus Cole
Chief of Science
USS  Andromeda


CPT. Marcus Cole
Chief of Science
USS  Andromeda
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