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Author Topic: Registered Contract: FW-GD-02-02  (Read 857 times)
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« on: December 31, 2016, 02:05:51 AM »

New Mission has been loaded up to everyone's PDA's. So review and report in by 1600 hours. Dock deck call will be at 1700 hours Sunday.

Region: Free Worlds League

System: Landfall
Galactic Coordinates: X: -406.85 Y: -203.42
Days to Jump Point: 5 days
Planet: Landfall
Primary Planetary Climate: Subarctic
Approximate Population: 4 Million People
Capital City: Tall Timbers
Contract Type: Garrison Duty
Primary Operational Terrain: Hills
Contract Duration: 2 Months (30 Days in REAL TIME) non-negotiable
Employer: The Corporate Sector
Employer Contact: Mr Humphreys CEO
Command Rights: Independent Command
Forces Recommended: A Company Strength Detachment
Supporting Forces: Local militia
Enemy Forces: Marian Raiders
Supplement Contracts Offered: None
Bounty Per Word: 400 C-Bills
Minimum Bounty: 6,000 Word Transcript
Bonus Salvage Bounty Target: N/A
Bonus Salvage Category: N/A

Landfall is a sub-arctic world near the periphery that has little contact with the FWL Interior.

3080 Update
Although the planet seems heavily aligned to the Marian Hegemony, a recent referendum has voted not to change the planet's official allegiance but with only 4 million citizens that do not enhance the FWL no one on Atreus is likely to care.

Socio-Industrial Levels:
Technological Development
Minimal advancement; inhabitants live without dependence on technology; no advanced education; medical care at level of mid 20th century at best.
Industrialization Level
No industrialization.
Raw Material Dependence
World/system heavily dependent on imports for almost all of its raw materials.
Industrial Output
World must import most of its heavy industrial and high-tech needs.
Agricultural Dependence
World is an agriculturally poor world; cannot sustain its population and must import nearly all of its food.

With all the fighting going on on other borders, Marian Forces have been sending raiders to

get supplies and intelligence. Corporate offices on Landfall has been hit twice and it's costing

them a fortune. So they all got together and are hiring a unit that can handle the raiders and

protect corporate interest.

1) Protect the Power Plant
2) Keep Raiders from farm Silo's

1) Destroy as many Marian Raiders as possible
2) N/A

Colonel William Draco Nostrum (aka Drakno)
Commanding Officer
7th Armored Legion

Life is eternal; and love is immortal; and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight." - Rossiter W. Raymond
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